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Fiona Wilcock

Tasty Nutrition

Because healthy food should taste good

Welcome to Tasty Nutrition - the consultancy of Fiona Wilcock, a successful registered nutritionist and food writer. With a background in food education and a masters degree in nutrition I endeavor to translate complex science into a more palatable form!

Eating well is critical to health, whatever your age. I honestly believe that food that is good for your health should also taste great. I’ve spent many years actively and successfully promoting this belief.

I’ve worked with many influential organisations including government, the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as public relations companies. I’ve published dozens of articles in the consumer press, written numerous reports as well as being the sole author of several books.

Companies who are serious about public health have used my expertise in designing nutrition and health strategies as well as internal policies, most recently at Sainsbury’s where I was the Company Nutritionist.

My communication skills, both written and verbal have been used by many organisations for writing and delivering training courses, presentations and media work. I champion the importance of evidence-based nutrition and understanding the regulatory framework in which products and services are designed and launched.

My website provides a snapshot of the type of work I undertake. Fiona